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Nov 16, 2013

syria-rebel-beheaded-mistaken-identity-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationSyrian rebel beheaded in apparent case of mistaken identity

By Patrick J. McDonnell and Nabih Bulos, LA Times

BEIRUT — Mohammad Fares was euphoric in victory, boasting in recorded Web comments that his Syrian rebel comrades would soon “destroy the mountains of Qardaha,” referring to the ancestral hometown of President Bashar Assad‘s clan.

The same face, this time with a frozen and vacant expression, appears in a ghoulish Internet video tableau: A black-clad rebel fighter with a knife in his left hand hoists what appears to be Fares’ severed head in the palm of his right hand, displaying the macabre, bearded trophy in the manner of a waiter balancing a tray with the evening’s roast.

“An Iraqi Shiite in the army of Bashar!” declares the swaggering knife-wielder, apparently keen to let everyone in the fervent crowd of onlookers know that this noble deed was his handiwork.

Several spectators held up their mobile phones to capture the moment this week in a public street in the northern city of Aleppo. The proud knife-wielder’s sidekick, donning a black tunic with a rifle slung across his shoulder, rants on about “infidels” and “rape,” concluding: “I ask Allah to make us victorious over them!”

Mohammad Fares, it turns out, was not an adversary of these black-garbed holy warriors. He was their ally — a rebel like them, fighting with the expansive Ahrar al-Sham brigade, putting his young life on the line to overthrow Assad’s government.

Fares lost his life in an appalling case of mistaken identity, according to various opposition accounts circulating on the Internet, where the case has caused a minor sensation.

Fares’ execution provides a disturbing snapshot of how the 32-month-old Syrian conflict has evolved since the days of unarmed street protesters facing down tanks and troops.

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