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AIRED: 04-07-2022

Sarge opens the show by discussing: “Only in America…” can Mr. Magoo (my apologies to the real Mr. Magoo) occupy the White House and a decorated military hero live in a cardboard box on the streets…The comparisons and contrasts could go on – just look at the icon for today’s show. He then plays a recording of attorney Todd Callender discussing the bio weapons known as Covid 19 injections with Reiner Fuellmich of Sarge covers more stories of people all over the world who have been injured by Covid jabs and what’s coming to the US in the form of manufactured food shortages and toll it will take on our population who aren’t prepared.


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On today’s YDIYH Sarge talks about the Maui (Canada & California) wildfires, the fact that over 20,000,000 have died from the Covid 19 jabs, the climate change hoax and electric vehicles and more. ...

AIRED: 08-15-2023

Sarge plays “The Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by Dr. Joel Wallach and then comments on items in the news! ...

AIRED: 08-10-2023

Sarge (finally) concludes his: “I’m 100% Anti-Vax and Why You Should Be Too” series with part 16! He covers the last few points in the first hour and then moves on to items in the news. He discusses the atomic bombs dropped on Japan at the end of WWII and the belief that they were...

AIRED: 08-08-2023