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Oct 30, 2014

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Most of the time when we think of a strange man chasing us, we usually associate the situation with something frightening, like a nightmare or a horror movie.

While it’s probably a good idea to run away or call 911 if someone is following you, surprisingly, for one little girl, it’s what stopped the kids at school from bullying her.

A stranger gave an anonymous mother on Imgur $50, after he overheard the woman’s daughter talking about how the kids at school were making fun of her by calling her shoes “disgusting.”

The mother wrote:

 “While I was on the way out of the hospital, after getting my EKG holster attached, my daughter told me about a girl who made fun of her shoes, calling them disgusting. I told my daughter that the shoes do not define the woman – rather that her actions do. On the way to the elevator, a man chased us down, and handed us this.”


“I refused – he insisted, saying “he had more than enough”. I started crying, and thanked him so much.”

xpdBMInThe mother took her daughter straight to Nordstrom’s to spend every last penny the man gave them on a new pair of shoes.

With the little bit that was left over, she purchased her daughter two new pairs of much needed leggings.

The single mother was so grateful for the happiness the new item’s brought her child.

“As a single mom, seeing this look on your child’s face, after seeing the heartbreaking look on her face, while explaining how she was insulted for not being financially privileged is the real gift.”

One can only hope that reading about selfless acts of kindness such as this will create a domino effect in our society. While $50 may not seem like much to some people, a small act of kindness like this can change the lives of others.