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Mar 01, 2014

Denver 100+ vehicle pileup(CNN) — One person died in Denver on Saturday, March 1st in a series of wrecks involving more than 100 vehicles.

“It happened so fast. Cars were whipping up the snow. It was just like, a wall of red and then everybody started spinning,” one driver said.

A weekend commute on an icy I-25 quickly turned into a nightmare on Saturday afternoon.

“Cars hitting and hitting and hitting each other. You didn’t move. You didn’t dare move,” Kimberly Fowler said.

Denver 100+ vehicle pileup

It was a chain reaction involving more than 100 vehicles. Rescuers worked to pull victims from the mangled metal and load them onto waiting ambulances.

“This is a very difficult scene. It’s scattered over a long distance under difficult conditions and we’re doing everything we can to get people safe,” Scott Bookman, Chief Paramedic with Denver Health said.

Police have confirmed one person was killed.

Denver 100+ vehicle pileup

According to witnesses, a woman inside a red car, seen with its top peeled back and lodge partway under a semi was dead by the time help arrived.

“I saw the guy get out. He had blood all over him. Then they told us there was a lady in there too that didn’t make it,” a witness said.

At Denver Health, ambulances arrived with the badly injured, including at least 20 people — some children.


“I don’t have any specifics on injuries. I can tell you we’ve transported adults, we’ve transported children. I can’t give you any ages. I can’t give you any specifics at this time. We’re still trying to gather information,” a law enforcement official on scene said.