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Jul 17, 2014

A month after Kasem’s death, the case between his wife and children reportedly remains unresolved.

A month after his death, the body of late radio presenter Casey Kasem remains unburied. Kasem’s remains are still awaiting a private autopsy, as requested by his wife Jean Kasem. The autopsy is reportedly related to accusations that Jean Kasem sped up her husband’s death by transferring him from a nursing home to a private residence outside Seattle in the middle of the night. This news comes after a previous announcement that Kasem’s friends and loved ones paid their final respects to the man at his funeral in Bel Air on June 21st.


The allegations were made by Casey Kasem’s daughter (Jean’s stepdaughter) Kerri in a formal police report, filed shortly after the radio veteran’s death. According to the New York Daily News, the Santa Monika Police Department is aware of the situation and has taken up the case with Washington authorities in an effort to schedule an official state autopsy for Kasem’s body. The radio presenter died on June 15, St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash., after battling advanced Lewy Body Disease and sepsis related to an infected bed sore, Kerri previously told The News.

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In the meantime, Kasem’s remains have been transferred to a mortuary in Washington state.

“Investigators are working with Adult Protective Services, and they want an unbiased autopsy they can rely on,” the Daily News’ source is quoted as saying. .