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Aug 27, 2014

(Before It’s News)



(N.Morgan) In the quest for knowledge in regards to the after life, one of the things I have noticed is that most paranormal activity happens in places where there was a lot of pain and negativity. Places which have been imprinted by the the living that once dwelled there and now haunt the location. In one such place, Old Licking Country Jail, paranormal investigators uncover some strange occurrences on the second floor cell block, the horrifying results will shock you. . Resonance Paranormal begin with some of the historic presentation from our tour guide about Carl Etherington who is known to haunt this area. Newark was a corrupt town who’s economy depended on illegal sales of alcohol. Carl was a “dry agent” who visited Newark to help clean up the city. However, he got involved in a fight with an ex-police officer (who had quit his job to get involved with more profitable alcohol sales and brothels).





Carl was getting beat up but pulled out a gun and shot this man. He was captured and put into the Licking County Jail for murder (and safe keeping because the entire town was out for his blood). Just a few hours later, an angry mob of 1,000 citizens stormed the jail. They made it up to his cell on the second floor and beat him to death. They then lynched him in the town square. This event has come to be known as “Newark’s Darkest Day”. In Carl’s cell, we captured EVPs, had intelligent communication through our Mel Meter, documented cold spots. We also documented unexplained banging sounds and footsteps from within the Second Floor Cell Block. We finished with a pretty funny response on our P-SB7 Spirit Box.