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May 03, 2013

An oil tank has exploded in Livingston Parish, LA, and residents nearby are being evacuated because there is another oil tank next to it that could explode.

livingston_fireby Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

As local news outlet NBC33 reports,

WATSON, LA (NBC33) — Livingston Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness has confirmed an oil tank explosion near Watson. It happened just before 11:00 p.m. Thursday near Arnold and Linder Roads.

The Director of the OEP told NBC33 News one oil tank is on fire, and another tank is right next to it. The two tanks have 2300 barrels of oil inside.

The fire department is on scene working to control the fire. Several people near the tanks were evacuated. Homes in a 3/4 mile area of the tanks have been notified of what happened.

The Advocate also reported on the explosion, confirming no injuries

DENHAM SPRINGS — Authorities in Livingston Parish late Thursday responded to reports of an explosion at a ruptured oil tank on Linder Road, between Denham Springs and Watson.

No one was injured, authorities said.

Mark Harrell, director of the parish Office of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security, said there were two holding tanks which hold about 23,000 gallons of oil total. He said he did not know how much oil was in the tanks at the time of the explosion of one tank. . . .

We don’t know what kind of relation this explosion could have to the ongoing situation at Bayou Corne, but there seem to have been a lot of these “explosions” throughout the Southeastern U.S. lately. Stay tuned for more updates.



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