Oct 07, 2013

Last Friday, an appeals court ruled that a hospital in Ohio can force a 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia to restart chemotherapy “treatment”, even though her parents had decided not to continue the often-toxic brew in favor of more natural, alternative treatments. As Reuters reports:

Akron Children’s Hospital asked the judge to appoint a guardian for the girl after doctors became worried when her parents stopped treatment in June after only one of five prescribed rounds of chemotherapy.

Her family was told by the so-called “medical professionals” that the girl would die within a year if she didn’t receive the chemo, and told them – probably erroneously, I might add – that the little girl had an 85 percent survival rate with treatment.

According to the ruling released on Friday, the 10-year-old – identified only by her initials, S.H. – is expected to be assigned to Maria Schimer, a lawyer and a former nurse, as her “medical guardian”. The ruling read:

“Parental rights, even if based upon firm belief and honest convictions can be limited in order to protect the ‘best interests’ of the child,”

After the first round of chemo made her very ill, her parents decided to end that treatment in exchange for natural medicine.

“They do not wish to subject their daughter to this and believe the will of God will triumph,” said John Oberholtzer, the family’s lawyer in August.

Previously, Medina County Judge John Lohn had twice denied Schimer’s medical guardianship requests, saying “A parent’s right to make medical decisions for a child is an important incident of parenthood, subject to broad protection the Constitution,”. The court ruling this past Friday totally reverses that decision.

The New York Daily News put on a disgusting display of pro-tyranny propaganda to support the court’s decision:

The ruling said that while adults can refuse medical treatment regardless of the consequences, children do not have those same rights because of their vulnerability and inability to make critical decisions in a mature manner.

While state laws give parents a great deal of freedom when it comes to choosing medical treatment for their children, that’s not always true when the decision could be a matter of life or death. Courts most often will draw the line when doctors think the child’s life is in danger and there’s a good chance that the treatments being suggested will work, according to several medical ethicists.

But just how accurate is the hospital’s assertion that her survival rate is 85% with the chemotherapy? A blogger who used natural treatments to beat her own cancer chimes in with hard science to back up these poor parents who have been railroaded by the system:

A groundbreaking 14 year study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in December 2004 called “The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies”.

Researchers at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre studied the 5-year survival rates of chemotherapy on 22 types of cancers in the US and Australia.

They studied 154,971 Americans and Australians with cancer, age 20 and older, that were treated with conventional treatments, including chemotherapy.
Only 3,306 had survival that could be credited to chemotherapy.

Study Results: “The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1 % in The USA”

Study Conclusion: “As the 5-year survival rate in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival. To justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.”

Although the study doesn’t mention Leukemia, and some alternative medicine specialists have admitted that chemotherapy might be effective for treating childhood leukemia, the rates of remission are still pretty low for the cancers they do “successfully” treat – about 35%-45% at its’ highest ; That’s nowhere near the “85%” promised by the hospital. Important to remember is the fact that the study isn’t measuring effectiveness, anyway – it is only stating the percentage of patients who were still alive 5 years later.

Also, there is big money in treating childhood leukemia, but the megadollars are only made if chemotherapy drugs are added to the cocktail. Alternative therapies are much less expensive, and most do not require a doctor’s prescription, a hospital visit, or the medications for nausea and pain while undergoing therapy, all of which are a regular part of chemotherapy. Losing business from this one little girl could reduce the hospital’s profit margin for the year, and so it looks to me like they lied to the court officials just so they could be go over the parents’ heads and force treatment upon her.