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Jun 08, 2013

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

images45While skimming the news for any counter-terrorism drills (which lately have become harbingers of false flag and staged terror attacks), I came across an article written in a local newspaper, the Youngstown News, in Ohio about terrorism threats to oil rigs, at home and abroad. It discusses the attack earlier this year in Algeria on a BP rig that left 38 workers dead, and cites this as being one of the many reasons why the oil/gas companies are looking into putting the rigs and fracking facilities here in the United States, instead of in the middle east.

However, after it has been established that there is an “Al-qaeda threat” to the oil rigs Fracking-Protest_Coha-306x196abroad, they must come up with a reason for “continued counter-terrorism vigilance” in Ohio, as well.

In addition to acclimating students to high-stress situations, they’re taught counter-terrorism tactics.
“When you think of a rig in Ohio, it’s not in danger from al-Qaida, but we see more groups protesting fracking,” he said. “We’re thinking more along the lines of domestic terrorism and what that means for the company and the safety of the community.”

Just another example of peaceful protesters being punished for their “pre-crimes”: If you’re against fracking, that means you’re gonna blow up or attack a fracking site. In addition to poisoning their communities, now they’ve resorted to stereotyping people against them as being terrorists.

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