Truth Frequency Radio
Sep 01, 2014


A Texas woman is making sure that two Conroe ISD police officers receive recognition or helping out a boy in need.

On Wednesday evening, Samantha Gregory and her family were shopping in a Walmart when Corporals Wes McCord and Andy Riley asked for directions to the boy’s clothing section. Gregory told them, then continued shopping.

She was about to leave the store when she saw the officers looking like they still needed help. She went over and asked officers if they needed assistance. The officers said they were shopping for a fifth grade boy they met earlier in the day.

“All of his clothes were stolen and all he had were the clothes on his back,” Riley said.

The corporals said they decided to get the boy some clothes out of their own pockets. Gregory helped the officers pick out some shirts and pants for the boy. The officers said the boy also had a pair of shoes that were at least a size too small, so they bought him new athletic shoes.

“Saw a need and talking to him, it just touched my heart,” said Corporal McCord. “Felt like there was something we could do to help him and that’s what we did.”

The officers took the clothes to the boy’s home and said he was overjoyed when they showed up.

“Whenever we delivered the clothes it was like a kid on Christmas morning. Just happy.” Said Corporal Riley. He added that is “what we go into this job for, for our children.”

Gregory said she is going to work with her church to get donations for the child.

“It makes me feel proud these are CISD officers. They’re not required by law to do anything like this and here they did they stepped up and they did it,” Gregory said.

Gregory also told us that she wanted to make sure the community knows about the officers’ good deeds.