AIRED: 10-04-2020

It was Hell week for American voters. A real Shit show. The moral bankruptcy of Washington’s elite was on full display, first at the Presidential Debate, in which moderator Chris Wallace fought off Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden’s record. Yeah, Joe Biden is a Life-Long RACIST! Zombie Democrats have burned neighborhoods & screamed obscenities at restaurant diners. Now they’re vowing support for the BIGGEST RACIST in Washington DC. JOE BIDEN who wrote the Horrific mandatory federal sentencing laws & Draconian drug laws in the 1990s. JOE BIDEN who wrote SCHOOL SEGREGATION laws authoritizing Private & religious schools to DENY ADMISSIONS to Black Children. Great God!!! If that was not bad enough, Trump’s shock Covid diagnosis ALMOST proved too much for your host to handle.Taking on the October Surprise, Trump’s Covid-diagnosis and hospitalization at Walter Reed, Scott Bennett described President Trump as a hero out of Joseph Campbell, journeying into the darkness to battle forces of infinite power. The November Election is 33 days away— and history has never been more fluid. Will America survive??

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Strategy of Tension: A policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. The purpose is to create a general feeling of insecurity in the population and make people seek security in a strong government. Today’s guest, Eric Galati, pulls brilliantly from Italian neo-fascism and contemporary American politics to demonstrate what some have called the...

AIRED: 10-30-2022