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Jun 14, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

aaa2_755In an obvious, pathetic, and desperate bid to distract the American public away from the NSA/PRISM/Big Brother scandals, the IRS scandals, and the recent Boston Marathon “false flag fiasco”, the Obama Administration has taken a sharp right turn to focus on convincing the people of the legality and morality of taking down the Syrian government and replacing it with an Al-qaeda-backed regime, such as in post-Gaddhafi Libya.


A day after announcing military assistance to Syrian rebels, the Obama administration refused to provide details about what that would entail…
Ben Rhodes, a U.S. deputy national security adviser, told reporters Friday that Washington would “increase the size and scope of the assistance.”
When asked for more details, Rhodes said: “I can’t give you a specific timeline or itemized list of what that assistance is.”

Chemical_Attacks_In_Saraqeb_Idlib3.pngHowever, an “Assad chemical weapons threat” hasn’t seemed to sway the public very effectively, so Team Obama has come up with a bigger “bully” figure to point at: Iran. Apparently, the threat of a tiny country that has “chemical weapons” doesn’t mean much when it can be proven that the Al-qaeda “rebels” have roughly the same kind of weapons the country’s military has ; However, it makes a big difference (especially with Obama’s far-right usual naysayers backing it fully) in the public’s eye when a huge country in comparison (Iran) can be dragged into it and even pointed at as being the root cause of the destruction in Syria. Suddenly, the people who would usually be the ones you would expect to ask questions from the Obama Administration about the scandals (such as Lindsey Graham and other so-called “conservatives”) have an excuse for ignoring the scandals and corruption while they root for war in Syria.

A no-fly zone is even being considered now (when it would’ve been laughable a year ago), but even according to Ben Rhodes, a “boots-syria-attack475-2on-the-ground invasion” of Syria is not likely. According to NewsDaily:

A no-fly zone, he said, would bring with it “considerable open-ended costs to the United States and the international community” and would be far more complex than in Libya.
He said the United States had contingency plans for much more direct military action – but specifically ruled out “boots on the ground” – a ground campaign involving U.S. troops.

Just for some clarification, this is the same Ben Rhodes who helped the CIA orchestrate the invasion of Libya using fake threat assessments. Ria Novosti has flat-out accused the U.S. of fabricating the chemical weapons report entirely.

false-flagIsrael, of course, is completely freaking out about a “no-fly-zone” not being put into place, and makes it sound through their media outlet DEBKAFile like the world will literally end if we don’t immediately invade Syria:

Our sources learn that the US president even turned down a plan for a limited no-fly zone being imposed over the northwest city of Aleppo and the province of Idlib, the largest piece of territory still remaining in rebel hands. This plan entailed no more than 20 US and Turkish fighter bombers for preventing the Syrian air force from extending air support to the decisive Aleppo offensive launched by the Syrian army Monday as Operation Northern Storm.
Our military sources report that the Syrian and Hizballah armies need between one to two months to wrest from rebel hands the northwest town of Aleppo and Idlib province which abuts the Turkish border. While their conquest of Al Qusayr was a major regional victory, the fall of Aleppo and Idlib would make Bashar Assad the winner of the 28-month Syrian civil war, just when its death toll nears 100,000 according to official figures.

Europe and the other NATO countries are divided on Obama’s recent decisions, and it’s been said that the upcoming G8 summit in London will focus primarily on Syria:


Canada, of course, is hyping the threat of “Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Syria” targeting them, for some reason. Meanwhile, Al-qaeda’s running completely wild in Syria, committing atrocities right and left, and warning-they-are-now-planning-a-false-flag-on-syrian1it will only get worse as they take over Syria completely:

On Wednesday, news emerged of the killing of Shi’ites in a village in eastern Syria. The regime described it as a “massacre” of 30 civilian residents of the village of Hatla, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a U.K.-based pro-opposition monitoring group, put the number of dead at 60, and said most were pro-government fighters.
In video clips posted online by the Syrian Observatory, Sunni fighters are seen in the village, and heard calling Shi’ites “infidels” and “dogs.”
A corpse is displayed, and some rebels are seen waving black flags associated with jihadist groups, including the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front.


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