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May 03, 2013

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

iran_iraq_war_chemical_mask_soldier1In a country where 29% of people randomly polled don’t know the name of the vice-president, our ability to consciously direct our own government’s actions has been severely compromised. Governments overthrow countries and establish dictatorships in our name because we’re so incredibly uneducated about politics, foreign affairs, and history that we are unable to logically think about our government’s actions in other countries. As Stephen Lendman for the Activist Post writes,

Mind manipulation convinces people to back what demands condemnation. Lawless aggression is called humanitarian intervention. Plunder is called economic development. Occupation, exploitation and imperial control are called democracy.

Might justifies right. Nations are destroyed for their own good. Humanity’s increasingly threatened. Where things end who knows.

Syria’s falsely accused of using chemical weapons. Iraq faced nonexistent WMD charges. Gaddafi faced fabricated rape and other war crimes accusations.

Headlines falsely accuse Iran of numerous terror plots. Repeating fabricated charges often enough gets people to believe them. Doing so facilitates what’s planned.

sisisisis.siThis has never been more obvious than in the last few days. Syria, for instance, is being torn down Libya-style so that the “opposition” (aka, self-proclaimed “al Qaeda”) can take over the oil rights and sell the oil to the EU. This is part and parcel of the London/Paris branch of this conspiracy to take down Syria. As Gearóid Ó Colmáin points out in Global Research,

Japhat Al-Nusra and other Al-Qaeda affiliated groups do not in any way represent the Syrian people, nor do they constitute a sovereign state according to the categories of international law. The ‘armed opposition’ IS Al-Qaeda. Therefore, the European Union’s decision to officially buy oil from terrorist gangs currently occupying territories in the Syrian Arab Republic constitutes a heinous crime and makes a further mockery of the basic principles governing the relations between states.

syria-liveAs we’ve been reporting on for the last couple of years, the NATO/U.S./Israeli axis has been systematically weakening Syria from the inside out, with MOSSAD/CIA infiltrations and by fomenting “rebel uprisings” which seem to be more inhumane in their attacks on “Assad camps” than the Assad regime has ever been to its’ people. When we recently agreed to more surface-to-air missiles to the “Syrian rebels”, it seems like they immediately tried to shoot down a civilian Russian aircraft flying overhead.

An interview with the Globe and Mail revealed that most of the Syrian civilians indeed hate the Assad regime, but they hate the rebels even more.

I, and many other residents of Aleppo saw firsthand how the armed rebels were acting on the ground, and the various crimes and looting they were committing with impunity. Another reason is that there are foreign jihadi fighters with extremist ideologies here. This wasn’t what we revolted for, to replace one group of criminals with another.

Now that Russia is out of the way (as Sibel Edmonds has pointed out in her latest article), it’s “go time” for a full-blown invasion of Syria. First, they tested the waters of public opinion on the matter. According to Reuters:

Only 10 percent of those surveyed in the online poll said the United States should intervene in the fighting. Sixty-one percent opposed getting involved.

But the figure favoring intervention rises to 27 percent if the Damascus government uses chemical weapons, while 44 percent would remain opposed.

Bernays would be so pleased. Their estimations were correct: If they could make it look like Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, they could avoid the entire “no WMD’s in Iraq”-type of fiasco. Thus, the wagging of the dog commenced.

We already reported a few months ago that NATO had sent protective gear to the “rebels” in preparation for a chemical attack.

Obama said on Tuesday during a White House press conference:

“What we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of Syria, but we don’t know how they were used, when they were used [or] who used them,”

Global Research reported:

The Syria Tribune released a video in December allegedly showing Syrian rebels killing rabbits with chemical weapons, and threatening to use them against supporters of the Syrian government. (It is impossible at this point to say whether this is genuine or propaganda).

A recent letter from Sen. Carl Levin to the White House via the Washington Post pointed out that they have no idea exactly who is using the Sarin in Syria, but that they’re just going to assume it’s the Assad regime:

Our intelligence community does assess with varying degrees of confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically the chemical agent sarin. This assessment is based in part on physiological samples. Our standard of evidence must build on these intelligence assessments as we seek to establish credible and corroborated facts. For example, the chain of custody is not clear, so we cannot confirm how the exposure occurred and under what conditions. We do believe that any use of chemical weapons in Syria would very likely have originated with the Assad regime.


As far as the mainstream media is concerned, third-party, unnamed witnesses are reliable. Christiane Amanpour, the chief international correspondent for CNN, said on April 25th that “sources have told her that physicians working with the Free Syrian Army obtained blood samples from chemical warfare victims and provided them to US intelligence along with soil samples collected from the earth.”

Oh, well, that tells us everything, doesn’t it? Does it also have “provided by Assad, Inc.” branded on it when you put it under a microscope? There is no way to tell who used the chemical weapons, but Britain, France, Qatar, and the IDF are all pressing us with, “Oh yes, it’s Assad’s, for sure, yeah…”.

But don’t feel bad, CNN. Fox News “military analyst” Gen. Thomas McInerney went even further up in the level of stupidity when he “conjectured” that there was a “high probability” that Syria was hiding the “WMD’s FROM IRAQ we couldn’t find.” (Lulz for everyone who knows what’s been going on since ’03).

Even Hagel himself brought up the legitimacy of these claims (particularly Israel’s), saying they were “suspicious” and that “we have to be very careful here before we draw any conclusions based on real intelligence.”

46A61F9D-7E95-42F5-8A0C-7BB258B2D01C_w308_r1_cy16The “rebels” have even been caught trying to pull off “false flag chemical attacks”, as Russia Today described on April 30:

The source stated that on Monday “terrorists” collected residents of Saraqib near the southern entrance to the town and made them open “plastic bags” containing some unknown powder, SANA reported on Tuesday.

As a result, some people suffered “suffocation, tremors and problems with breathing.”

Later, militants took the injured to hospitals on the territory of Turkey with the goal of accusing President Bashar Assad’s army of using chemical weapons, the official said.

syria_chemical_weapons_attack_1However, as the Global Post reported, there is further evidence of rebel-made weaponry (rather than Syrian regime weapons), according to the experts and doctors treating the patients.

“experts say the spent canister found in the house and the symptoms displayed by the victims are inconsistent with a chemical weapon such as sarin gas, which is known to be in Syria’s arsenal. Sarin is typically delivered using artillery shells or spray tanks, not in the grenade-like device found in this Aleppo attack and in other similar attacks reported in recent days.”

Another incident was reported by the Syrian government on May 1st:

Syria’s state media said Wednesday that the rebels in the northwestern province of Idlib had used an unknown liquid to kill a number of people.

“Mounting fumes from gallons containing some liquid materials, which were stored by a shepherd in his house in Saraqeb town in Idlib countryside, have killed his guest and him as one of the children in the house opened one of the gallons,” the state-run SANA news agency said.

Quoting a source in the province, SANA said that after the two people died, the housewife and her children went out to the street frightened, and an “armed terrorist group” gave them protective masks and brought three people they had previously kidnapped to the house to make them inhale the fumes.

The three people also died after inhaling the fumes, SANA said, adding that the “armed terrorist group,” affiliated to the al- Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front, later transferred the bodies of the dead people to the Turkish territories to make use of the incident against the Syrian administration.

P30_ALE_1024_299712kAlthough we know exactly which branch of the “Syrian rebels” would carry out such atrocities, The Global Post reported:

“What faction of the Syrian conflict would be motivated to conduct an attack like the one on April 13 is unclear,” GlobalPost’s April 30 report said. Some “accuse the Free Syrian Army of trying to rope foreign powers into the conflict by feigning a chemical attack.”

The CIA and MOSSAD role in the coming Syrian invasion cannot be overemphasized. As the IDF prepares for war, the CIA and MOSSAD both have been running their mouths off non-stop about helping Al Qaeda in Syria:

Mossad-connected DEBKAfile said they’re “ready for a role in a potential American operation against Syria.” Perhaps they’ll be co-aggressors. NATO countries may join them. It’s usually planned that way. – Global Research

It headlined “CIA Said to Aid Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition.” They’re based in southern Turkey. They’re funneling arms cross-border.

They include “automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons….They’re using “a shadowy network of intermediaries….”

The operation “is the most detailed known instance” of direct US support. “CIA officers are (in Turkey) trying to make new sources and recruit people said one Arab intelligence source who is briefed regularly by American counterparts.” – NYT June 21, 2012 report.

640x392_47978_254464al-Jafarri of the Syrian Arab News Agency said,

What’s ongoing is “similar to what happened in Iraq before it was invaded,” said al-Jafaari.

He added that terrorists spread “unknown powder in the faces of Syrians gathered in Shabour neighborhood in Idleb. Many showed symptoms of chemical weapons exposure.

Those affected were taken to Turkish hospitals. Al-Jafaari expects “today or tomorrow you will hear again that the Turkish government has new tools indicating that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people.”

syria-rebel-400x250On April 28, Robert Fisk headlined “Syria and sarin gas: US claims have a very familiar ring,” saying:

Reports that Assad used chemical weapons “are part of a retold drama riddled with plot-holes.”

“It all comes back to that most infantile cliche of all: that the US and Israel fear Assad’s chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.”

“They are frightened, in other words, that these chemicals might end up in the armoury of the very same rebels, especially the Islamists, that Washington, London, Paris, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are supporting.”

“And if these are the ‘wrong hands,’ then presumably the weapons in Assad’s armoury are in the ‘right hands.’ That was the case with Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons – until he used them against the Kurds.”

However, the strongest evidence for a false-flag chemical attack in Syria came out yesterday, when Col. Lawrence Wilkerson – the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell under President George W. Bush – said that the Syrian chemical weapons could be a “Israeli false flag operation”.

“This could have been an Israeli false flag operation,” he said. “You’ve got basically a geo-strategically, geo-politically — if you will — inept regime in Tel Aviv right now.”

Today, Amnesty International released a report saying both sides of this “civil war” have killed, arrested, and tortured dozens of journalists since the 2011 uprising, so it really doesn’t matter who used the chemical weapons. We’re going in no matter what.


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Sheree Geois a researcher, freelance writer and journalist, and singer from East Texas. After several years of watching eugenics and mind control in action, she began to fight the system by giving people the knowledge of these activities. She then met her husband, Chris Geo, in 2009 and has since been the co-host of their show, Truth Frequency, which airs on GCN every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, as well as on their network, K-TFRN.