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Aug 04, 2015

August 3, 2015 by  memoryholeblog

obama-ceasarTwo years ago this month Western intelligence and military attempted regime change of the Assad regime via a staged poison gas attack allegedly carried out by Syrian forces against their citizenry that was later proven false. After the CIA-backed ISIS was introduced as a ploy, the Obama administration is now similarly suggesting that the US will uphold “R2P” principles, by openly confronting the Syrian army “to help defend” the Syria people.

As RT reports today.

“For offensive operations, it’s ISIS only. But if attacked, we’ll defend them against anyone who’s attacking them,” a senior military official told the Wall Street Journal on Sunday. “We’re not looking to engage the regime, but we’ve made a commitment to help defend these people.”

Neither the Pentagon nor the White House officially commented on the decision about the new broader rules of engagement, Reuters reports. So far the US has been avoiding direct confrontation with the forces of President Bashar Assad.

“We won’t get into the specifics of our rules of engagement, but have said all along that we would take the steps necessary to ensure that these forces could successfully carry out their mission,” said White House National Security Council spokesman Alistair Baskey, stressing that so far only US-trained forces have being provided with a wide range of support, including “defensive fires support to protect them.”

The Kremlin said that US airstrikes against Syrian troops would further destabilize the situation.

Moscow has “repeatedly underlined that help to the Syrian opposition, moreover financial and technical assistance, leads to further destabilization of the situation in the country,” Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said, adding that IS terrorists may take advantage of this situation.

What appears obvious at this point is that the Obama administration with the assistance of Israel and Saudi Arabia has sought all along to destabilize Syria with low intensity conflict in order to remove the Assad regime and replace it with a barbaric one along the lines of what has presided in Libya since 2011. Six years after the George W. Bush regime and his pro-Israeli foreign policy maniacs vacated office, the fraudulent and destructive “war on terror” agenda remains firmly in place, even to the extent that Iran has been diplomatically appeased to ensure the plan’s continuation.

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