Aug 31, 2013

The UN inspectors’ lab report regarding whether chemical weapons were used in Syria last week won’t be ready for a few days, but Barack Obama made a speech today about how we simply can’t wait for the UN inspectors’ lab results to come back, and have to act militarily against Syria right now.

He’s mentioning “partisan differences” regarding opposition to his idea, when in reality, most neocons and chickenhawks are acting like the “Dancing Israelis” on 9/11 and the only “Republicans” who oppose this action are more Libertarians than anything else. Even leading dems are behind him in this oddball mix of warmongerers. He says we cannot “stand idly by” while Assad “commits atrocities”, but what then, does he call what we did in Libya? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed millions of people, and thanks to whistleblowers’ actions, we know that many of those people’s deaths would definitely be considered “atrocities” in and of themselves.

The UK was smart enough to say “NO” to military intervention in Syria, and so have most of the other countries’ leaders that have more than 2 brain cells ; The only country willing to back us up on this one is France, and they’re excellent at being wishy-washy and could very well leave us holding the bag, so to speak. I also can’t help but think that John Kerry’s relationship with France is simply incestuous enough to court them into joining us against Syria. Israel, who you would think would be overjoyed at this prospect, is still not happy because we aren’t full-blown invading Syria.

Unfortunately for Syria, Iran and Russia are being threatened on their own, and although Russia wants to help Syria, it is almost impossible to do so right now because Russia cannot be seen as assisting war criminals, even if the accusations aren’t true.

The fact that the Obama Administration is unwilling to wait for the lab test results concluding an actual chemical weapons attack proves that there is no justice in his actions. Just as he accuses Assad of “not following the rule of law” in his conduct, Obama is proposing worse.