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Nov 09, 2013

nurse-parents-anti-vaccine-loser-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAdan Salazar
November 8, 2013

A South Carolina couple recently had a humiliating visit to their local hospital this week after admitting to their doctor that their child was not immunized. – Columbia, South Carolina |

The Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital says it prides itself on a “skilled team of pediatric professionals,” according to its website, but parents Trevor and Katie Smart say their visit was anything but professional.

“I did feel judged,” Katie said recalling her family’s experience.

The Smarts were delivering their 9-month-old son to the Palmetto Health emergency room Monday night after he sprained his ankle trying to walk. They also wanted to check up on a slight fever he had developed.

Trevor says after describing their son’s complications to the doctor, “The nurse came in and left this note on the table.”

The note read,

need to fx
0 immunizations

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