Truth Frequency Radio
Oct 21, 2013

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The reason Edward Snowden managed to download highly classified documents is because the NSA failed to install anti-leak software at its Hawaii facility, where the whistleblower worked, according to US officials.

The security software was not installed at the site because it lacked bandwidth to ensure its effective operation, one official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Other US government facilities began to tighten access controls well before Snowden started working at Booz Allen Hamilton, an NSA contractor company. However, intelligence agencies moved slower than non-spy government units when it came to installing anti-leak software, the news agency reported.

NBC News revealed earlier that the former NSA contractor and CIA employee took advantage of the outdated security systems. However, details of the lapses in Hawaii were not previously exposed.

The software, which should have been installed in the NSA’s case by a division of Raytheon Company, was aimed at spotting attempts by unauthorized people to access or download data.

The government-wide crackdown on security began when US President Barack Obama mandated an executive order to block so-called “insider threats” in October 2011. The decision was prompted by the 2010 leak of hundreds of thousands of Pentagon and State Department documents by Army Private Bradley Manning to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. In July 2013, government prosecutors argued in court that these actions threatened US national security and aided Al-Qaeda by indirectly providing them with secret documents.