AIRED: 09-30-2018

Did Susan Lindauer really say that??? Breaking apart this week’s showdown over Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, your faithful Host EXCORIATES the #MeToo Movement for pumping the victimization of women. Anybody expecting blind support for Christine Ford will HATE this show. Get this straight, people: I am a FEMINIST in bold letters. And I see the #MeToo Movement as a tool for tricking women into their own DISEMPOWERMENT. Contrast that to Porn Star feminism that sexualizes and degrades women, often by the very same Hollywood Starlets who are now screaming, well, that women are getting sexualized. Real Empowerment recognizes self-promoted victimization as a trap. A word of advice to the Sisters out there: Don’t let anybody take your power.

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AIRED: 10-30-2022