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AIRED: 06-20-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this one thing, “If I’m right, I’m a genius. If I’m wrong I’m a Madman.” Who said that? Terence McKenna. Look him up. He’s one of those guys if I get my time machine working again I am definitely going to the jungle and looking that guy up. ‘Cause he is going to be super high staring in the jungle just spouting off stuff like that all day long. Uh he was the guy by the way that came up with “Time Wave Zero”, fantastic concept.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery would like to start with a thought. “A powerful man’s deception is like a cunning illusion carefully crafted to sway the masses and obscure the truth as he dances upon the stage of public opinion.” Who said that? Guess what? AI and Peanut combined. So every week Peanut is going to try to create these hybrids where he’s going to have the AI generate a little quote like that and then he’s going to modify it. So, how’s that for for fun stuff? It can write I will give you that. Is it going to take over? No.


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AIRED: 09-26-2023

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AIRED: 08-29-2023

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AIRED: 08-22-2023