Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 11, 2013

Norway-government-subsidies-Tesla-motors-car-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationMichael Bastasch, Daily Caller

Electric cars recently moved to the number one slot for newly registered vehicles in Norway, thanks in part to generous subsidies from the government —  the Scandinavian country is handing out $90,000 to citizens willing to buy a Tesla.

Norway has seen the use of electric cars grow rapidly, doubling in a year, reports the German newspaper TAZ. There are now 14,000 electric cars on Norwegian roads, making up 5.6 percent of new car registration in last month — the highest percentage of any European country. The Tesla model S made up 5.1 percent of newly registered cars.

However, there is a reason for an increasing amount of Norse men and women going “green.” Electric car buyers can get up to $90,000 in subsidies for buying the cars — twelve times more than the U.S. government hands out in electric car subsidies.

The $90,000 subsidy includes many perks. Electric car buyers are exempt from paying the country’s 25 percent value added tax on their vehicle and they get a bigger income tax deduction for buying a green car than for a traditional car.

EV owners also don’t have to pay bridge and highway tolls and are allowed to use bus lanes in big cities.