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AIRED: 12-15-2020

The title says it all. We in this Realm who’ve dreamed the dream and awakened to the awakening now find ourselves seeking succor in the swirling sonoluminescent storm of soul-searing searches. Searching for some small slice of sanity amid sheep shorn of sense. Searching frantically for family, Femily, friends, feelings, funds, fun…
We found a lot of all of that and a whole lot more with YOU…and with our friend Johnathan From Jersey, who took a little trip…and brought back a piece of a corner of a smidgen of a roadmap. Where will it lead? To some surprises, it seems, as Josh out-JoFroJer’s Johnathan and we all connect in surprisingly soothing ways…
–Earth speaks to us through plants. Embrace the nighttime, because night IS our time, it is our natural state. Sun was new for Adam and Eve.
–Defund NASA.
–Water Fear-porn.

A Few Good Quotes–

​resilience is fruitile

Alan Holman:
​There was a time in my life when I used to seek out weird experiences. Then I had weird experiences. Now I don’t like weird experiences anymore.

Alan Holman:
​Almost all of JoFroJer’s anecdotes are awesome and deserve to be broadcast; it’s great that he calls this show.


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