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AIRED: 05-28-2021

Nope. Not one. No sphere here. We checked. Today. Live. On-the-air. We looked at the building blocks of our Realm, known as The Platonic Solids. Hmmm, let’s see now…there’s a cube. Of course. Gotta have it. IT IS a block! What else? A pyramid! Nice! I mean, Egypt knew, right?? Sure, it is also called a tetrahedron, but, it IS a pyramid. Full stop. We also have an octahedron…which, coincidently, are the same shape as the green energy crystals I manifest in VAST numbers around me and mine as both an interlocking force field and an easily manipulated aerodynamic shape should they need to become a weapon. I digress. Next, the dodecahedron. Ok. These are starting to look REALLY failiar. What’s left? Aaahhh, the icosahedron…hmm…collating…collating…I HAVE IT!!! D&D dice!!! AH HA!!! Right in our nerd faces the whole time…sheesh!! I need to roll for intelligence again…

–Make sure to follow the link below for That Flat Fellow channel on YT, (Tommy!) who is presenting The Flat Earth Variety Show Episode 1! It premieres May 29, 2021, at 7 PM Central, lots of music, comedy, magic, true talent, so get in there!!
–Brown’s Gas…whew.

Chat Chit:

Zombie Snoop:
​Yes it’s like I see people walk by me but there’s nothing there

Alison Briscoe:
​I have seen shadows in my periphery

Zombie Snoop:
​Yes Alison a few times and have always been perfect

Douglas Falk:
​Allegedly, Tom Cruise is going to space in October this year to shoot a movie


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