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Aug 16, 2014

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

Timothy Oliver via screencap

A longtime scientist at the National Institutes of Health attacked the woman he lived with with a hammer, fracturing her skull in a fit of rage over the death of his dog.

According to WJLA Channel 7, Timothy Oliver, 68, of Rockville, Maryland left his 3-year-old Maltese dog in the care of his roommate when he went to work on Aug. 4.

Around 7:30 p.m., Olver’s roommate called, frantic, telling him that the dog had escaped while on a walk and was hit by a car.

Documents filed in Montgomery County District Court said that after the incident, Oliver’s roommate told bystanders, “He’s going to kill me.”

Veterinarians attempted to resuscitate the dog, but were unsuccessful. In an angry confrontation at the residence, Oliver reportedly attacked his roommate, who authorities declined to name, with a claw hammer as she tried to explain what happened.

He allegedly struck her in the head several times, cracking her skull, then dumped her unconscious body outside. A neighbor who found the woman lying next to her cat and a pile of personal belongings called 911.

Paramedics took the woman to a local trauma center where doctors performed surgery in an attempt to reconstruct her shattered skull.

Oliver confessed to police that he had attacked the woman, and was taken to jail and booked on charges of attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault. He bonded out on Aug. 7 and is due back in court on Aug. 29.

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