Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Aug 27, 2013

new-york-times-hacked-chris-geoUPDATE: It appears as though the “attack” is being blamed on the Syrian Electronic Army as a pretext to invade Syria.

ORIGINAL: It appears that the internet has been acting strangely for the past month. This could be due to anything from hackers to solar flare or electromagnetic disturbances. We’ve noticed random decreased speeds, bad Skype connections and bad hops between internet users and the website their are trying to access. Google was down a few days ago and today the New York Times has been out for most of the day.

It is possible that this is part of the Federal takeover of the internet and the disturbances we’ve experienced are a symptom of the governments efforts to censor the internet as we move into Web 2.0. Another possibility is that the Federal government is testing kill switches in small locations resulting in bad internet hops. However the most likely cause (aside from hackers) is that solar activity is causing major outages.

A few days ago I heard a very strange wind coming towards us and a surge of electricity in the sky. A few moments later all of the car alarms in the neighborhood started alarming as if an earthquake had struck. The only possibly reason for this is of course electromagnetic interference. The entire day the internet was giving us speeds of .1 megs download and nothing seemed to resolve it. Any way it goes, something strange is going on with the internet and when a website like New York Times goes down, it’s time to pay attention to the details.