Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Sep 10, 2015

Some are calling it creepy. But, I find it strange in light of the fact that NYT is a mouthpiece for the U.S. Government, and the disclosing of religious affiliation of lawmakers who are voting on the Iran Deal.

Why is the NYT posting this?  Why now?

It is obvious to me, from the text that the writer is trying to point out that lawmakers are not towing the party line. Is this designed to inflame non Jewish people to march out and demand their leaders to vote against the deal. Why?  

This whole thing has become convoluted. Especially now that the Democrats have filibustered.


Democrats do not have enough support to vote down a resolution of disapproval for the president’s deal. But they may have the 41 votes needed to filibuster and avoid a vote, which would free the president from having to exercise a veto.

Democrats against
the deal

10% of all Sens.
State and estimated
Jewish population

Above 2.2% U.S. average
Vote with party

Below 93.1% Dem. average
Charles E. Schumer Yes New York 9.1% 96.9%
Benjamin L. Cardin Yes Maryland 4.2 96.9
Robert Menendez No New Jersey 5.8 96.9
Joe Manchin III No West Virginia 0.1 72.8


While Republicans have the majority of votes to pass a resolution disapproving the deal, they do not have the 290 votes needed to override a presidential veto. Instead, they have decided to vote to approve the deal, which they expect to fail.

Democrats against
the deal

4.4% of all Reps.
District and estimated
Jewish population

Above 2.2% U.S. average
Vote with party

Below 93.4% Dem. average
Ted Deutch Yes Fla.-21 24.3% 95.8%
Steve Israel Yes N.Y.-3 22.0 94.5
Nita M. Lowey Yes N.Y.-17 21.6 96.6
Brad Sherman Yes Calif.-30 19.6 94.4
Eliot L. Engel Yes N.Y.-16 11.7 96.1
Lois Frankel Yes Fla.-22 11.3 96.9
Ted Lieu No Calif.-33 18.5 95.4
Grace Meng No N.Y.-6 17.1 96.9
Carolyn B. Maloney No N.Y.-12 16.0 96.2
Kathleen Rice No N.Y.-4 15.5 90.8
Brendan Boyle No Pa.-13 8.9 92.7
Alcee L. Hastings No Fla.-20 5.0 93.2
Donald W. Norcross No N.J.-1 4.8 91.1
Gene Green No Tex.-29 0.1 84.9
Daniel Lipinski No Ill.-3 1.0 84.6
Brad Ashford No Neb.-2 0.8 75.5
Albio Sires No N.J.-8 2.0 93.5
Juan C. Vargas No Calif.-51 0.8 94.8
David Scott No Ga.-13 0.7 93.7

Source: Berman Jewish DataBank (population estimates)