Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 19, 2014

By Ralph Lopez, Digital Journal

www.digitaljournal.com_2014-08-19_19-30-00No trailer for the suppressed documentary Conspiracy of Silence, a treatment of the so-called Franklin Scandal, has previously existed. This trailer (featured above) has been created to call attention to a vitally important documentary.
The film, scheduled for broadcast by the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994, was suddenly pulled by the station at the last minute without comment or explanation. The film documents a sordid and criminal element of pedophiles and child rapists which reaches the highest levels of government, long before the story broke in 2004 of Washington DC male prostitution rings run by White House reporter Jeff Gannon. FULL DOCUMENTARY: CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE. An investigation by a committee of the Nebraska State Legislature, focused on allegations coming out of the famed Omaha institution Boys Town, was thwarted by federal authorities, who successfully sought to portray and prosecute the victims of a child sex abuse ring as perjurers.