Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 18, 2013
LAURAN NEERGAARD, The Associated Press
Posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2013, 2:43 PM WASHINGTON (AP) – When people have a brain injury so severe that they can’t squeeze a loved one’s hand or otherwise respond, there are few good ways to tell if they have any lingering awareness or are in a vegetative state.
Now researchers have created a tool to peek inside the brain and measure varying levels of consciousness. The work reported Wednesday is highly experimental, not ready for bedside use yet – and if it pans out, a big question is how to use it without raising false hope. No one knows what level of consciousness at a certain point after injury really predicts recovery. But it offers the hope that one day doctors might track consciousness nearly as easily as they check blood pressure. “Consciousness can grow and shrink,” said Dr. Marcello Massimini, a neurophysiologist at Italy’s University of Milan who led the research to quantify just how much that is happening under different circumstances.
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