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AIRED: 04-30-2022

Yeah!!!!Great Vibes ! Great Show, TFR is back and in full force for the New Moon Solar Eclipse extravaganza show !!!! So amazing coincidence how our station was going through a reboot during the literal “Reboot Eclipse. ” At beginning of show actually says August 30th as date instead of April 30th hahahhaa buts its the April 30th New Moon Eclipse, Lets do this!!! Ra Castaldo Dives deep down the spiral in this show discussing first the Solar eclipse of Today, and its possible effect on the next six months. Also, the alignment taking place, right now, and certain things he was shown during recent Coronal mass ejection events that will blow your minds, some of it related to the very origins of the ankh symbol!! The Vedic Wars, and the knowledge of the Solar dynasties has been fought over to this day. Ra Discusses the Solar kings and how one may have even been buried in Bulgaria! He discusses the Ancient Country of Bulgaria, the psychic that was called Baba Vanga and much more, do not miss this great show!!!


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