Truth Frequency Radio
Sep 03, 2014


Hannity is nothing if not a serious journalist when it comes to international events of great import. And given yesterdays horrifying news that ISIS seems to have beheaded another American journalist, Hannity understandably wanted to weigh in with a serious expert on the Muslim world, Iraq and extremist violence on his show. He chose Phil Robertson. Yeupp, that Phil Robertson, the reality TV star, ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch with a well-known hatred for black people, gay people, feminist women and anything that is not Christian.

Phil Robertson read some of his favorite Bible passages, plugged his new book and waved the Declaration of Independence around. He also happily obliged with his sage advice on what to do about ISIS: “Convert them. Or kill them.” This notion sounds vaguely familiar. Oh, yeah! That’s ISIS’ philosophy. Hey, those barbarians have nothing on us.

Robertson also said some cryptic, fairly crazy-sounding things like: “The whole world is under the control of the Evil One.” And, “All who hate me love death.”

Hannity expressed concern that the liberal media will jump all over expert Phil for that statement about ‘converting them or killing them.’ Phil said: “I’m prepared . . . I’ll have a Bible study and preach the gospel of Jesus.”

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