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AIRED: 09-21-2023

In this show I speak about the little known and misunderstood topic of how the great and terrible day of the Lord is connected to the creation of new heavens and a new earth. Most people do not understand that the earth will be destroyed at the end of this age before the return of the Messiah. Also many have accepted the idea that the millennial kingdom has already occurred and that we are in the short season that Satan will be loosed again before the end of the millennial age. But as I show within the show the millennial age does not begin until the new heavens and the new earth are created for the coming of the bridegroom. Please listen to the show with an open mind for further revelation on this topic.


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Highlighting the story of Imhotep and King Tzoser, we see in this account how the Egyptian empire abandoning the support of their temples, priests, and the poor; lost the favor of the Most High and because of that declined in prosperity until the King recommited their people to support of the less fortunate in his...

AIRED: 11-30-2023

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AIRED: 11-16-2023

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AIRED: 11-09-2023

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AIRED: 11-02-2023

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AIRED: 10-26-2023