AIRED: 01-28-2018

New California Rising! If you’re scared as Hell about Crazy California politics, you’re not alone. Imagine living in Rural California, getting subverted by Sacramento and Hollywood on everything from taxes, environmental regulations, welfare for illegals from Mexico, by a government pumped up on cash from Drug Cartels! Pretty scary, right? Today’s guest, Paul Preston explains extraordinary action by rural counties to Declare Independence from Governor Moonbeam and Hollywood and create the State of New California. Paul points to West Virginia’s separation from Virginia as precedent for a peaceful breakaway. This is a non-violent movement based on a wholly separate Constitutional basis. It rejects Sanctuary Status for illegal immigrants. It rejects Hollywood moralization and gun control. It addresses major differences in land use, environmental policy and the 24/7 churning of laws and regulations. It’s a fascinating interview– Check out Paul Preston’s show, 6am to 9am PACIFIC, Monday thru Friday on Red State Talk Radio.


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AIRED: 02-19-2023