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Aug 17, 2014

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

This is absolutely horrible and the image below is beyond disturbing as it shows what happened to a dog that drank from a well in Liberia that was deliberately poisoned by men trained to go around poisoning wells. So far it is being reported that 16 people have died from this new, but yet unnamed bio weapon, used with the specific purpose “to kill the residents under the pretext of Ebola outbreak.”

Via IBT:


A few suspects are under police custody over the alleged poisoning. One of the accused is said to have confessed that 250 men have undergone training to poison wells across the country, but the claim is yet to be verified.


The photo below is very disturbing, comes from the Liberian Observer, which states “He added that the water was tested on a dog at the scene, which melted instantly.”



Recent reports came out that horses in California are suffering from some “mystery” illness, to which the symptoms include the skin “falling off” the horses and together with the other symptoms mentioned caused me to ask in my previous article whether it could be the radiation from Fukushima that was attacking these California horses, but now looking at what this poison has done to the dog shown above…. is it possible that some of these “trained” poisoners have made it across the US borders and are infecting animals and perhaps the residents of California?

More in the video below.