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AIRED: 02-13-2018

We get Tuesday off to an…interesting… start…what’s new??
Well…let’s see:
It’s Mardi Gras…wake the kids…let’s go catch beads…..and not look at the girls…, nothin’ to see here…ask the Church of Satan. is officially almost the day to celebrate your love…call Hallmarrk. Sheesh.
Hey…there is a car…a friggin’ car…in…SPACE…right now…look up…it is truly there… (hahahahah….sorry).
So yeah…someone call Dan O’Bannon…he and Heavy Metal Magazine are owed some Life Credits, or screen credits…SOMETHING! (Heavy Metal “Soft Landing”…Googe it)
Even Elon The Mad doesn’t beLIEve his own BS…I want to wipe that grin of Duper’s Delight right off his smug little mug…but that’s just me…I’m sure.
Walt touts the awesomeness that is KRATOM…again…with lots of testimony!
We touch on The Dark Side of The Moon…not us…Pink Floyd.
Magic mushrooms loom in Josh’s New Year…the REAL New Year…not the dead of winter.
AI gets in on the hunt for Gravity Waves….finally!!
Try humility…lose your ego…it is OK to be wrong…we all were…and are…and will be again…no one here will make fun of you for being human…PROMISE!!

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