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AIRED: 03-21-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this, which I wrote: “If you woulda t-“, this goes along with the whole ‘Never Say Never’. Right? “If you woulda told me eight years ago that would be doing flat earth podcasts, for eight years, I would have said ‘Never!’ If you would have told me that Justin Bieber was going to develop side-effects, from something that we don’t know anything about, and essentially quit the business I would have said ‘Never.’ ” Coincidentally by the way after I made the title, I did not know this, Justin had a song, a hit called ‘Never Say Never.’ Providence. And if you would have told me in 1981 that it woodaw’ll taken me 42 years to figure out the name of a song that I heard exactly one time in my life, ah y-yeh get the idea. Never say never. It could happen to you. I’m not going to play the video because we have too many headlines ta, ta cover. But video’s on my channel and it’s called ‘Never Say Never The Search For The Meteor Man Song’ And is a quick little snippet of, of part of my childhood an’ see me, a picture of me at 13 years old. Super fun. And tuh, the the hell, if you guys have ever had a song stuck in your head you will appreciate it. And the ending is worth it, that’s for you Stephen Carpenter who I won’t mention real fast, uh when we get to shout outs. Stephen Carpenter musical stuff. You’ll totally get to the end of that video if you watch it.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is concerned that one of the American MQ9 Drones was hit by a Russian SU-27 Fighter. Why is he concerned? Facts. That’s why. A drone cruising speed is approximately 200MPH while in contrast the cruising speed of that SU-27 is 837MPH. So, these two planes bumped into each other and damaged the drone’s propeller which is on the back of the drone. Heh, the magic bullet theory of JFK is more believable. More on that.


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