Truth Frequency Radio
Oct 29, 2013

comet-ISON-debris-hit-earth-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-information(Before It’s News)

In this first interesting video we learn from ScienceAtNASA that Comet ISON WILL bring its debris to planet Earth, not once, but TWICE! We may very well know Comet ISON’s debris is landing upon the Earth by the treat that it will bring along with it, beautiful, blue noctilucent clouds. The second video below asks, could Comet ISON be the ‘Blue Star Kachina’ of Native American prophecy? Is the ‘blue’ spoken of in ancient legend not the color of the comet but the color the comet brings with it to Earth?

Astronomers now believe the dust from Comet ISON will eventually fall to Earth. Comet ISON will speed past both sides of Earth as it makes its way around the sun. The dust it leaves behind will be pushed outward by the solar wind. Around January 12, astronomers predict the Earth will encounter this dust and pass through the cloud over the course of several days.

Astronomers say such an event in unprecedented and while they have a good idea of what to expect, they can’t be sure exactly what will happen. They do predict the grains of dust will eventually fall to the surface of the Earth, slowly filtering down out of the atmosphere over several years.

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