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May 19, 2013

After Months of successful acts of Civil Disobedience at independence hall in Philadelphia, today police showed up in large numbers for the 5th installment of “Smokedown Prohibition”, arresting a number of activists, organizers and other individuals.


N.A Poe Arrested at Smokedown Prohibition In Philadelphia

By JG Vibes
May 18, 2013

Just moments ago I received word from a friend at the protest that police have disrupted the gathering and have arrested a number of activists, including Adam Kokesh and organizer N.A Poe.

Mark Passio, host of the “What on Earth is Happening”  podcast and primary organizer of the “Free Your Mind Conference” was also handcuffed and temporarily detained by police, simply for passing out informational flyers to those who were interested, he was not in possession of any drugs, nor was he involved in the civil disobedience aspect of this event.  Yet he was still given a citation for handing out flyer’s in a public area.

N.A Poe is the organizer of the event, and Adam Kokesh has become a regular speaker and promoter, each of them lighting up with hundreds of other freedom seekers each month.  Every time so far there has been no police interference, but after getting national attention for their efforts on April 20th, they must have embarrassed the local government and police, resulting in this show of force today.

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