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AIRED: 11-24-2018

tonight’s show was information overload as Ra discussed the resurgence of witchcraft that took place in the 1960’s , possibly starting with an in house Vatican Satanic ritual carried out by certain Vatican hierarchy in 1962. Ra brings to the table various headlines from across the globe during the 60’s that talks of this rise in sorcery and occult activity all over the Earth. Also how witchcraft has been used by the Vatican and military as well and how this was practiced in Ancient times and than also had a resurgence in the 60’s as well. Padre Pio and his true genetic roots. Also discussed is the Zohar and how this leads to talk of the dragon bloodlines and the lineage of Lilith and where certain rites actually originated. Also discussed is the ancient priest Zacharias and the ritual he performed to activate the Angel Gabriel and various mystical initiation rituals including the Deep Sleep of Siloam, the consumption of pure Star-fire intelligence, the true origins of the cross and swastika, and more!!!! Next week will be Leo the Lyon Zagami…..tonight’s show was one to listen to over and over …there’s so much info you cant consume it all in one sitting !!!!! Spiral out!!!!


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amazing discussion will update later ...

AIRED: 04-20-2019

tonight was another intense episode!!! in the 1st segment Ra unleashes groundbreaking info about how he believes he is from an Ancient line of Sibylline Oracles that receive prophetic visions . he discusses his most recent vision and his interpretation of what he saw is sooo intense and mind blowing. Can Ancient extinct Volcanoes reactivate??...

AIRED: 04-06-2019

don’t miss this amazing show, Ra Castaldo us takes down the spiral, deep inside the Ancient Etruscan Necropolis, and Cites of the Dead. From Mysterious ancient artifacts to sacred spots taken over and hijacked to broadcast an end times spiritual transmission of the Apocalypse. The raids of the Papal army, Emperor Nero and the Dark...

AIRED: 03-30-2019

dont miss this show !!! Ra And Gary Wayne discuss the various Bird and tricksters in all religions and tribes throughout history! In the first segment Ra discusses some mindbogglingly info !!!!! dont miss this !!!! ...

AIRED: 03-23-2019

Don’t miss this amazing show! Ra Castaldo talks of the Soul Harvest and the Spiritual wars taking place within our muiltiverse and the unique role he(and his lineage) plays in this !!! the ember days battles , the battles of the Saints, the zero point abilities of Anne Catherine Emmerich, the elemental powers of St....

AIRED: 03-09-2019