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AIRED: 11-20-2021

Longtime guest of show Mr Gary Wayne joins us for an exclusive conversation about the mysterious bloodline of the Biblical Noah, and the many global flood stories that seem to even be prior to the biblical flood . Host Ra Castaldo usually has one show a month or one show every other month dedicated to Ancient Writings, prophecy, and history and how many of these topics relate to whats happening around us to this very day and impacting us in many incredible ways most people dont even fathom. Usually when it comes to Biblical writings and prophecy , Ra has his long time guest and buddy Mr. Gary Wayne on to join in . They have been doing almost monthly shows since 2015 ! Gary is a Christian Contrarian and author of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Tonight’s show is a great exclusive discussion about the Biblical Noah, his mysterious birth and bloodline. Was Noah actually from Nephilim bloodlines ? Why was he born uncontaminated ? Also,was Moses and Pharaoh Akhenaten actually the same person ? Many believe this to be so. Gary Wayne and Ra Castaldo discuss this and more in this amazing informative episode !!! do not miss this !!


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AIRED: 11-19-2022