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AIRED: 02-20-2019

Ryan Gable joins the show to discuss the mystery booms being heard around the planet. Since the start of 2019 there has been a spate of these mysterious noises reported all across the US & beyond. We discuss how the magnetic field of the planet & the wandering of the poles may be a factor in what people are hearing & experiencing. Scott Lopez joins us to talk about two such noise he has heard in Kansas in the past couple of days. Sounds of the Apocalypse?
From there we connect the recent Netflix blockbuster “Bird Box” with events playing out in the real world today. The TV show Stranger Things may provide a hint as to what is going on at this time, with interdimensional entities influencing our everyday reality.
Could it be that the mystery booms, the speeding up of time, the strangeness on the planet at this time are all symptoms of some merging of the dimensions?


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