Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Aug 12, 2015

kevbakerIf you haven’t listened to the Kev Baker Show with Johnny Whistles and Marty, you are really missing something.  Kev Baker is also one of the hosts of Freaky Friday.  On KBS, Kev often has regular guests such as NanoGirl and Joe Joseph, who also, has his own Broadcasts here. It is on the KBS show that the Hampstead Pedo Scandal was first broadcasted. It went viral from there.  The KBS show is not limited to such dark arenas of our society.  A favorite topic of discussion on KBS is Science, quantum physics and quantum mechanics or what we refer to, as ‘Woo’.  Your current events in Britain and the U.S. is also thrashed out by some great minds on Mondays through Thursdays at 6p.m. Eastern Time/3p.m. Pacific.

There are at times you get a visual of them just by listening to them. This is what I see:

Yep, a kilt wearing Mohawk pated, flamin bagpipe playing, moxie dude.  So you just have to tune in!

Now, here at Truth Frequency Radio we have a myriad of hosts and you cannot find a better variety than you would here, all on one station. Just because there is a host on TFR, does not mean we agree with all that host says or believes.  Just because we don’t like what a host says does not mean we will censor them.  So one cannot even guess what the owners, members, or listeners believe just by the content here.  We in the TFR community refuse to accept arbitrary labels.  You have to get to know us. That said, the following is the policy as set by the hosts of TFR, Chris and Sheree:

We are a free speech station which means that we do not dictate the content of the shows or censor the hosts in any way. When a station is truly free speech, you will find that some of the views and opinions may not be the views and opinions you share. We have a variety of shows on the station all with their own views and opinions. If you’re looking for a well regulated and censored station, you can tune in to Fox News or CNN radio. They have a very strict censorship policy. Thanks!

We are a listener supported radio station, so there are no corporate interests to submit to.  As you can see to the right of this posting, that is where we get our support.  It is from the listeners only.  The hosts here do not get paid for their work on TFR.  The support team for TFR does not get paid for the work.  We all work to get the truth out there.  It is a labor of love.  We are not obligated to any cause du jour, and as such we enjoy the freedom to speak our minds.

Tune in and enjoy.  If you really like a show, tell your friends and family. Thanks again.