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AIRED: 05-19-2018

“14 days of micro dosing” Part 14
This week the discussion continues along the time line, as Frank discusses micro dosing Mushrooms for 14 days.
My Last Day, The small UFO, Expanding Again, Controlling the N.P.C.’s , The EVENT, the Meditations, and Chris Geo and Sheree Geo’s Successful RAW EGYPT MISSION..!
Set Your Intentions and Tune in Live…!


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Join Paula Milo, and Myself on the Optimum TimeLine, as the Conversation shifts into the NOW…. Fighting MySelf, Fighting the Grey’s, Fighting System, Im So Tired of Fighting… My Meditations are like Mushroom Experiences, Im beginning to Lucid Dream, Control, and Remember whats Happening… All this, and So Much More…! Set Your Intentions & Tune...

AIRED: 12-15-2018

Join the Discussion in the Optimum TimeLine, as Paula Milo and Myself Ground into the Highest Frequencies, and Speak OUR Truth… Im Beginning to Feel the Call, The Pain of seeing Your Loved ones in the Cycles of Pain and Suffering, Is this Speeding up ?, Why are people making it so easy to dislike...

AIRED: 12-08-2018

This week the discussion maintains the Optimum TimeLine, as the other TimeLines Collapse around us… Is this Happening, Can this Be Real, Abundance and Manifestation, Be careful what you Intend, Cleaning and Clearing another Person, and yourself, This can get outta hand very fast… Set Your Intentions & Tune in Live…! ...

AIRED: 12-01-2018

This week the discussion maintains the Optimum TimeLine, as We make our way through the Full Moon and Retrograde…. Asking for Help, New energies are intense, Clean and Clear, Repeating till you get it Right..! Balance, Breathing, and Observing, Reflection, I’am I going Crazy???? NOPE..! All this and More Set Your Intentions & Tune in...

AIRED: 11-24-2018

Tonight We Expand our Awareness, and Spread Raw Consciousness Throughout the Optimum Timeline, as Paula Milo and Myself, Begin to Find New ways of Teaching/learning, Learning/Teaching in the New Frequencies… “They” keep Attacking, I keep Sending Them Back, Psychic Vampires will be more Vampiric, Light Warriors/ Workers set the Stage, These Energies are Killing Me,...

AIRED: 11-17-2018

This Week Paula Milo Returns to the discussion, as We Unite the Energies and Strike from the Optimum TimeLine… This Long Road of Twists and Turns and Purging, Time We Start Supporting each others Energies, Don’t forget what this is ALL about ..! ...

AIRED: 11-10-2018