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Oct 26, 2014, AboveTopSecret

My cousin attends Greenville College in Greenville, IL and recently came back from a mission trip to Liberia. He was their as a premed student giving vaccinations for polio and other various illnesses. He came back 6 days ago and began showing symptoms related to Ebola 3 days ago which he reported to Greenville Regional Hospital. They followed up with him by sending an ambulance with hazmat gear and shipped him to Barnes Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri.

He was isolated at Barnes and the test results came back “negative” but for whatever reason they still held him telling my aunt and uncle he has the flu but they want to make sure. 24 hours after this event they received a call where Barnes Hospital told them he is being discharged for further observation at the request of the CDC. When his parents asked where he was being discharged they replied with a mediocre answer stating “To a facility under a more controlled environment. You will have to contact the CDC for further information.” So they did attempt to get into contact with the CDC which was of no avail. They did not pick up the phone.

We have tried contacting him by phone which is off. His parents tried going to Barnes and to get more information but they would not talk. This makes me sick to my stomach because I do not know what they have done with him. His name is [SNIP}. If anyone knows more information about this please send me a message.