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AIRED: 12-15-2021

63,000 Websites Hit With Outages As Users Report Amazon Web Service Issues. Democrat Governor Says COVID Emergency is ‘Over’ and He Won’t Implement More Mask Mandates. MIRACLE RECOVERY! TX Deputy Jason Jones Comes Out of Coma After Weeks in Hospital. Elites Double Down On COVID Quagmire Despite Obvious Signs Of Failure. $2m fuel theft from US base explained with ‘Romanian culture’. Adam Schiff busted faking evidence, edited J6 texts between Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan. First EU country moves to legalize cannabis for personal use. Fuel tanker inferno leaves at least 40 dead. Kremlin reveals new independent Russian-Chinese financial systems. US Navy tests laser weapon in Middle East. US hospitals: fraud, murder, cash; federal assassination-for-hire program. Google To Fire All Unvaccinated Employees. “People are ready for freedom and liberty” Tenn. lawmakers pass restrictions on mask, vaccine mandates. ‘Panther’ the Cat Rescued After Days-Long Utility Pole Perch.


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Brooks is here today, and we fell right into swing, and the normal rapport was there as we normally have. Then we jumped into the news, and was there a bunch of it. EVERYTHING is connected, and Brooks and Luckee shows how the evil ones do the same thing over and over again. Oh yeah,...

AIRED: 03-20-2023

Toxic Masculinity is rampant these days, when women are losing their titles and opportunities by men who dress up like women. Are women going to give in to the patriarchy? The real reason why Russia and China are not invading or attacking the United States. The destruction of soil in Ohio. There is no worse...

AIRED: 03-15-2023

Went solo today to basically catch up on all the distractions of late. Every week there is a new scandal to distract us from the previous one. What should we be doing about the banking crisis? How do we protect ourselves? Why are feminists really angry? Subscribe to my daily content, send me an email...

AIRED: 03-13-2023

What happened was…….. Well…. #TwitterFiles, Elon, DNC, FBI, CIA, et al. Luckee went solo today. James Cameron went woke and so Avatar went broke. Pass along help with ones occupational dreams. Thank you so much for supporting us in these different ways! Bitcoin: bc1qvsz0mqk0zfvpa7h2xc3aqwrc7j3p89c5tv0td5 or or use Paypal email address: [email protected] I am a...

AIRED: 12-19-2022

Staggering Start, but we jump into the news about Pelosi, Ukraine, Biden Laptop, Haiti Migrants being held at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Arizona charged with Trespassing by the Feds. Uranium deals and USGov searching for funding. THC Gummy Death and Cyberquad recall, both of which are stupidly handled. DHS police Disinfo. New Azov data wiper tries...

AIRED: 10-31-2022