Aug 07, 2013


August 7, 2013

11:25 PM, CST

Something is wrong with what happened today. Fox News is reporting an altogether different destination location and flight number on the flight that received the fake bomb threat.

US Airways Flight 777 was enroute from Shannon, Ireland to Pittsburgh. It landed in Philadelphia shortly before 2 pm ET and passengers exited via staircases before being taken to waiting buses.

Apparently, two planes between last night and this morning have been experiencing problems: one possibly fake and the other very real.

The one that’s making headline news right now is about a plane headed to Philadelphia from Shannon Airport in Ireland, that landed in Philadelphia, but with an emergency transmission indicating that “an unknown male” made an “unspecified threat” involving bombs on the aircraft. This has been debunked by NBC-Philly as being a “legitimate threat” and we are inclined to agree.

Police are not sure at this point what they are dealing with, if anything. They said the threat, which is unsubstantiated, was called in by an unknown male.

This is not an emergency landing. US Air Flight #723 was schedule to land at Philadelphia International today at 1:45 p.m. (this was later changed to flight #777, and God only knows why.)

According to the airline’s website, the flight came in from Dublin, Ireland and arrived at 1:58 p.m. (later changed to “Shannon Airport”, although this could be accurate information, especially given the information below).

This could be a lead-up to something more, as indicated by the Ireland Independent, but it could simply be serving to get bomb squads across America all riled up to get ready for an actual event.

However, we have another aircraft that also experienced problems and actually did make an “emergency landing” AT Shannon Airport in Ireland after leaving Milan headed to Atlanta, GA after an engine problem. This is not being mentioned at all in the mainstream news, just as the one in the UK wasn’t.

Emergency services were on standby for the Delta flight from Milan to Atlanta, Georgia, which had suffered problems with one of its engines, forcing it to be shut down.

It is understood the Boeing 767 plane dumped fuel into the Atlantic before landing safely at Shannon.