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AIRED: 06-26-2019

In this week’s broadcast we cover everything from the Mueller to testify news, to Madonna’s mass shooting music video, to the deaths of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife and Eminem’s father, plus much more.
It’s three hours you don’t want to miss.


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What does the August 4, 2020 Beirut explosion have to do with the October 23, 1983 Beirut barracks bombing and the fact that the latest incident came on Barack’s 59th birthday, as in Barack Obama, having a first name sounding a lot like barracks? Tune in to find out, because you won’t regret it, and...

AIRED: 08-05-2020

On Tisha B’Av, July 29th, 2020, the day to remember the destruction of the temples, there was a destructive train wreck in Tempe. Think about it. And on top of that, congress interviewed the big four tech CEOs. As for why that took place July 29th, tune in to find out why. And try not...

AIRED: 07-29-2020

In this episode, learn why Trump’s federal police state was introduced in Portland, Oregon before being deployed to Chicago. It’s all ritual, and it’s all by the numbers, meaning it’s all gematria. ...

AIRED: 07-22-2020

What’s Naya Rivera’s drowning death have to do with names such as Jim Morrison, Natalie Wood, Maeve Kennedy who just died in Shady Side, Maryland & Eminem? Tune in and find out, you won’t regret it. ...

AIRED: 07-15-2020

What did Jenny Durkan mean when she said “Summer of Love” in her interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on June 11? And was it a coincidence that women named Summer and Love were fatally injured on July 4, 2020, the 47th day of Durkan’s age, in a city on the 47th Parallel, Seattle, where Durkan...

AIRED: 07-08-2020

The Jesuits aren’t going to like this broadcast either, but they knew they had it coming. Tune in and hear Johnny Cirucci, Jesuit researcher, reveal his depth of knowledge on Jesuit wrongdoing taking place not only now, but throughout history. I chime in as well. ...

AIRED: 07-01-2020