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Dec 08, 2015


2 Gangs opened fire on Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, November 22, 2015, that was filled with over 300 people.  17 Wounded were hospitalized, luckily no deaths (as of yet). One suspect who had been named and (falsely) identified had turned himself in but will not be charged in this as he was in Texas at the time of the event.

Still Wanted:

wanted bunny fieldpark shooting

 There are others wanted in relation to this and you can check here for updates
 Beyond the horror of opening fire on many young people where hundreds were attending an ‘unsanctioned’ music video event, is the utter silence of the Main Stream Media outlet, when they are usually screeching about gun control or Right wing crazies. The MSM is frighteningly quiet about black people doing mass murder and mass shootings. Planned Parenthood gets a crazy man shooting up the place and Hillary Clinton is in the press and social media, giving her opinion.
The San Bernadino Mass Shooting event that, with supposedly Muslim shooters, didn’t have as many targets, but far more police and media outlets doing live coverage of the police chase, gets a Presidential Address.
What is/are the difference/s here?
1. There was no active shooter drill going on at the same time.
2. This shooting does not fit the left or right paradigm
  a. Does not fit the ‘lock the borders of the country’ rhetoric of the right
  b. Does not fit the gun control rhetoric of the left
3. The FBI was nowhere near this
4. The CIA was nowhere near this.
5. This was not a false flag.
6. The victims will not be paid out like those of Charleston or Sandy Hook
7. Finally, these were black people who shot other black people.
There is only one report, in all the searching that I have done, of the victims’ race (Look up in that link, right there). It would be premature to suggest, but I do suspect, this is a black on black crime, and therefore, the Black Lives Matter people will NOT be interested in this. There will be no marches or protests. Shaun King, the White wanna-be black man Black Lives Matter spokesman will not call on the social media for an outcry for the oppressed-by-whitey.
Let us think real hard about the consequences here:
These people have lives. These people will forever have imprinted on their minds being shot at. The injured will have scars from being shot and will have that reminder for the rest of their lives. When the system works, Veterans of combat will get counseling for this kind of exposure.  These people came to have fun, and were shot. Get this in your head. They won’t get any special help. These folks will need Post Traumatic Stress counseling. Don’t wonder ‘if’. They will need it. Will the President help on this? No.
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