Mother Nature and Tornadoes Broke The Corona Fear Spell >>


AIRED: 04-14-2020

Today Luckee returns from the tornado torn Tennessee on OpenMic and Brent Thomas appears from the Paranormal Portal to weigh in on the OogaBooga.

The tornadoes that hit Tennessee and the South, has broken the fear spell. People are out helping their neighbors in the aftermath of the storms. Millenials are not all dunderheads and Boomers are not useless. Every human being is essential, not just those who are allowed to work during lockdown. No one is non-essential! Luckee rants.

CIA Says It Will No Longer Use Vaccine Programs As Cover. Obama supposedly predicted this virus.


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Lost your job? Consider becoming a “contact tracer”. H. R. 6666 is introduced to the House. Yes it is really a law in the works. Listen in as Don, Brent, Paisley and Luckee parse out what is really going to happen with what appears to be upcoming tyrannical laws being passed and local edicts coming...

AIRED: 05-13-2020

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AIRED: 05-05-2020

Are we at the precipice of a new revolution? People throughout the country are stepping up and countering the tyranny of state governors. Was this whole Ooga Booga a cover for the failure of Gates’s Polio eradication program conducted around the world. Are you losing friends and family to the propaganda of the MainStream Media?...

AIRED: 05-04-2020

Paisley gives a live report from Home Depot, and Billy Ray Valentine comes in after school. Luckee rants, as usual, this time about how we report news months ago, but people don’t believe it until the MSM starts reporting on it. Billy Ray and Luckee discuss schooling and how some are coping with education, during...

AIRED: 04-29-2020

As the title implies, we had a great roundtable discussion with TFR hosts Brent Thomas, Paisley Wilde, Billy Ray Valentine, and Luckee1. Billy Ray Valentine joins us today to give a report of what it is really like in New York. How the governor is destroying the economy, and he explains how businesses are being...

AIRED: 04-28-2020

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AIRED: 04-22-2020