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Aug 12, 2014

  • Lorna McDonald, 46, from Liverpool, claims evil spirit is terrorising home
  • Priests have tried to banish demon, which forced her daughter to move out
  • Extra room means Mrs McDonald owes bedroom tax which she can’t afford
  • Behind on rent – she is stuck in house until she pays housing association   

Petrified: Mrs McDonald is stuck in the property which she claims is haunted until she can pay her rentBy Jack Crone, Daily Mail UK

A mother says she is being forced to pay the controversial bedroom tax even though she claims her spare room is occupied by a demon which she claims has physically assaulted her.

Lorna McDonald, 46, from Belle Vale, Liverpool, says the evil spirit has left her with bruises all over her body and that it is wrecking her home by flinging mirrors from the walls. She’s even called in priests to get rid of the apparent ghostly activity. .

To add to her woes, she is having to pay bedroom tax on the room that the demon is said to have occupied and cannot be rehoused as she is currently in arrears on the property.

Paranormal: It has been suggested that this photograph, taken in Mrs McDonald's home, shows evidence of the demon she has complained about

Paranormal: It has been suggested that this photograph, taken in Mrs McDonald’s home, shows evidence of the demon she has complained about

Protection: Mrs McDonald has placed statues of Jesus Christ and crucifixes in the room in an attempt to keep the evil spirit at bayHer 22-year-old daughter fled the house saying she could no longer stay in the bedroom because it was haunted by the evil demon. As a result Mrs McDonald was left living alone in the two-bedroom house and therefore became eligible to pay bedroom tax on the extra room.

But she says the bedroom in the semi-detached house is unfit for habitation because it is already occupied by the malevolent spirit.

However the Government’s rules on ‘under-occupancy’ of bedrooms doesn’t cover paranormal house guests and she is still eligible to pay the charge.

Bedroom tax is money that is deducted from housing benefit paid to households who officially have more bedrooms than they need.

Introduced by the Welfare Reform Act 2012, households with one spare bedroom lose 14 per cent of their housing benefit.

The reduction in Mrs McDonald’s benefits have left her unable to keep up with her rent and until she pays the debt she owes to the Liverpool Housing Trust, she is stuck in the property.

Mrs McDonald says the mysterious demonic shape appeared in a photograph taken in the spare room.

The mother-of-two said: ‘My daughter moved out about nine months ago because she was petrified.

Spooky: The mother of two claimed a Buddha statue (pictured) was flung across the room by the demon

Spooky: The mother of two claimed a Buddha statue (pictured) was flung across the room by the demon

‘It all started with noises. We had a mirror on the wall and I thought my daughter had dropped something on the wooden floor, but the mirror had started shaking.

‘My mum won’t come here any more. Neighbours walk past and make the sign of the cross.

‘I asked a man if he’d come and decorate and he asked if there’d be a priest there because he was too scared to come in the house.’

Haunted: The mother-of-two claims the demon has assaulted her, leaving her with bruises on her body at the property in LiverpoolShe has had regular visits from Catholic Church officials in an attempt to rid the property of the supernatural spirit.

While visiting, one priest called out to the supposed demon saying: ‘I demand you leave your attachment to Lorna and kneel at the foot of the Lord, go to the place God has provided for you.’

On another holy visit, a small Buddha statue is said to have been flung across the room while Mrs McDonald and a priest were saying prayers.

Catholic Arch diocese leaders have confirmed they have visited the semi-detached home and that they are continuing to offer Mrs McDonald support by carrying out ceremonies in her home and in church.

A Catholic Archdiocese spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that a priest has visited the house on several occasions and we continue to offer support to resolve the situation.’

Christian faith healers have also stopped by and are currently analysing photographs they took while in the property to search for any signs of a supernatural presence.

A spokesperson for Liverpool Housing Trust (LHT) said: ‘We are aware of Mrs McDonald’s concerns and met with her again last week to discuss the matter.

‘In addition, since 2010, we have made repeated offers of support with financial matters and have been in long-standing discussions with her.

‘We will continue to work with Mrs McDonald so that we can provide our support.’