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Aug 17, 2015

Did The Illuminati Just Issue Morgan Freeman A Fatal Warning?

kevbakershow  August 17, 2015

Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter was stabbed to death by her crazed boyfriend as he appeared to be trying to perform an “exorcism” on her on a Manhattan sidewalk early Sunday, law-enforcement sources and a witness said.


“’Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!’ ” the suspect screamed, according to George Hudacko, 65, who witnessed the attack from his window in Washington Heights and called 911.

“The girl was making a lot of noise, screaming,” Hudacko said of victim E’Dena Hines, 33. “I saw something sparkly going up and down. … I called 911, I was begging them to come.”

Hines — whose grandmother, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, was Freeman’s first wife – was stabbed in front of West 162 Street near St. Nicholas Avenue just before 3 a.m., cops said.

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So, lets just get this straight. Freeman’s step granddaughter is killed in an “exorcism” like murder, out on a street? Something is very very wrong with this picture.

On first reading the article something started to jump out at me – the numbers! First up, the victim was 33… yup, 33! Then, to cap it off, and anyone that is a long time listener to my show will know, a combination of 216 appeared.

216, or any combination of those numbers, is a calling card of the dark occultists, for it is the cube of 6. Thats right, its the three 6s … 666 … or 6x6x6=216!

So, when I see that number, part of me nervously giggles because i know there is far more going on here than most people will see, and thats not to say im special, its just that when you know what to look for, this stuff becomes obvious.

The fact this murder took place near 162 Street and the victim being 33 in reality prove absolutely nothing. However, it gives me reason to SPECULATE that there may something more sinister at work.

Could she have been ready to blow the whistle on the industry?

Could it be that Morgan Freeman is fed up and ready to speak out? Did they just issue him a fatal “shut-up” warning?

Is it just a case of a drug fuelled night out and something going horribly wrong?

Whatever the case may be, thoughts and prayers go out to E’Dena Hines family.

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