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May 24, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

london-solider-murderAs more news emerges of riots in parts of the UK and in Sweden, we are getting information from various sources indicating that not only did police and intelligence services in the UK know about the riots in advance, “Police have said ‘yes, these two [suspects] had cropped up in previous intelligence-gathering probes’, but they hadn’t proven to be of sufficient suspicion to be investigated any further.”, according to Rory Challands of AlJazeera.

In a situation actually worse than the FBI/CIA’s mishandling of the alleged “Marathon Bombers”, the London Telegraph is reporting that the police and intelligence services knew about the alleged beheader, Michael Adebolajo, for over a decade, indicating even more foreknowledge of the events that allegedly took place in Woolwich.


1_article_photoAlso, the media is emphasizing and highlighting the fact that he was born in Lincoln, UK from a Nigerian Christian immigrant family, meaning that the public perception of domestic terrorism is going to become much broader.

And it gets stranger. Apparently, over 10 days ago, London’s Metro Police asked for “water cannons” for riot police. The riots had not yet spread to the UK from Sweden or any of the other countries, and there was no indication of any widespread disturbance coming, so why buy so much gear?


I guess people who experience “racial tension” also like Tommy Hilfiger.

Almost as if a stage set by Shakespeare himself, authorities have been warned that there may be “racial tensions” after this event, a perfect excuse to save the people from themselves in a scene out of “1984”if you cross-bred it with “Children of Men”, complete with renditions of any “muslim extremists” the UK police decide to roll out as “planners of further attacks”.

Even predicted it:

it is unlikely that there will not be serious or violent blowback towards the 3 million Muslims living in the UK.

Of course, the wonderful David Cameron has denounced any violent revenge attacks, but by now, we know better. Because this “terror attack”, if it suited the British government, would be called “a grisly murder” ; However, the British crown is unstable at the moment (as we will speak with Chris Everard about this Sunday afternoon on our show, Truth Frequency), and a police state seems to be necessary to the UK elite to preserve the Bank of London’s waning power over the rest of the world (and in particular, parts of the Middle East and North Africa).



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